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Hoolock Consulting are a valued member of the XYZ Training Group. Working only with established and respected training companies, we have found Hoolock Consulting to be one of the very best in their chosen sector. Delegates regularly tell us that their Marketing & Sales courses are informative, well presented and extremely professional. Delivering training to clients right across the South East region. Xyz Training Group


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Hoolock Consulting believes that customers only buy the value that a product brings them, not the actual product itself. By defining this value, and the benefits that it can bring to a specific client, sales are more likely to happen. With 20 years of experience in defining value and articulating benefits, Hoolock Consulting can help you to be more successful and increase revenue.We provide sales training and consulting to technology and engineering companies who want to be more effective at selling. All our work is based on the Equation of Sales, T * V * N=SS.

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