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Sales Presentation Skills

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Many sales people make fundamental errors in presenting to customers. Firstly, they typically present too early in the sales process and therefore use their language to present all about their company and their product. The problem with this is that it assumes that the customer is interested. Without establishing the customer's needs first, most presentations will fail in their objective. Secondly, most presentations fail to make an impression and don't provide the customer with the information that they need.Our sales presentation skills training covers both the timing of the presentation - after a proposal has been made to the customer so as to provide the proof that the product can do everything that has been claimed - and the content of the presentation - how to gain and maintain the customer's attention and to structure the presentation so that the information provided is remembered.In this training, everyone gets the opportunity to make a number of presentations, each of which is videoed to allow participants to review their own performance. Feedback is also provided on presentation style although we believe that everyone has their own style and that it is important to embrace that rather than try to force an unnatural behaviour on anyone.

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Sales Negotiation Skills

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Negotiating is the penultimate stage of the sales process, coming just before the close. It should not be confused with the close although, at the end of the negotiations, both sides should be happy with the agreed deal and closure just requires signatures and delivery.Negotiation is the process of movement to reach an agreement that is fair to both sides. We believe that this should be the easiest part of the sales cycle as both sides want a deal. Indeed, the golden rule of negotiating is that people will not negotiate with you unless they believe that you can help them or hurt them. In this training, we look at the negotiation as part of the sales process. We review the process of negotiation itself and what preparation is required in advance of starting the process. The course is very interactive with exercises, videos and role plays used to support the learning. At the end of the course, participants should:Know what negotiation is and is notKnow what preparation is required to be doneBe able to define the variables in any negotiation and how to trade themUnderstand their walk away positionKnow what tactics might be used as part of any negotiationLearn about their negotiating styleKnow how to handle objectionsLearn about the dirty tricks some people will tryPractice everything through role plays.

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Sales Management

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Sales management is a crucial role in any organisation. No sales team is perfect with highly experienced, highly motivated and highly effective sales people. Like any team, there will be a mixture of skills and experience within the team. It is the sales managers role to get the best out of the team through building the right strategy, hiring the right team members, training and developing them and delivering the expectations of management. Quite often, sales managers are appointed because they are good at sales rather than being good at management. As a result, they need support and help to become great managers as well as great sellers. can help sales managers to achieve their objectives through various consulting engagements.Building a sales strategy - we have a tried and tested process for building a successful sales strategy to target the right customers at the right time.Assistance in hiring - we have worked with and hired many sales people over the years and can work with you to identify the right candidate for your group.Building an effective team - effectiveness is a combination of effort, targeted at the right people, using the right skills. We can help you to determine how each member of your team needs to develop to become a highly effective seller.Voice of the buyer - do you really know what your customer needs or even what they think of your solutions? We can act as an impartial assessor to talk to customers to determine their typical needs or how they might respond to your approaches.Account Planning - each sales person should have a plan for each of their main accounts so that they know how they are going to grow their revenue from them. These should contain a series of actions with an expected outcome so that everyone in the team knows what is required of them.

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Sales Strategy

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A sales strategy is very important for every sales team to have in order to ensure that the sales resources are optimally used. It is different, although aligned, with a sales plan. Your strategy is what you want to do and your plan is how you will do it.An effective sales strategy is an essential part of any business plan. It ensures that you use resources optimally and that the approach is coordinated across the business. It needs to be based on clear objectives and the market where you are working.The essential elements of a sales strategy are:The background and motivation for developing oneUnderstanding what you are sellingUnderstanding what the value to the customer isUnderstanding the potential issues that a customer may be facing that would require your solutionWhy should the customer change?What does the market look like?What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threatsDefine a set of target customersDefine the proof that you can do what you claim that you canFrom there, you can define a sales plan to go to achieve this. The plan should be forward looking and include a series of actions for people to take, with clear milestones to achieve them by.

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Hoolock Consulting believes that customers only buy the value that a product brings them, not the actual product itself. By defining this value, and the benefits that it can bring to a specific client, sales are more likely to happen. With 20 years of experience in defining value and articulating benefits, Hoolock Consulting can help you to be more successful and increase revenue.We provide sales training and consulting to technology and engineering companies who want to be more effective at selling. All our work is based on the Equation of Sales, T * V * N=SS.

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